NEW 2023 DATE: JAN. 21st, 2023!

1. I hereby agree to pay the sum of $60.00 for use of each 8 foot by 30" table and two chairs, to NNL West.  This contract is not legal until properly signed and received by NNL West.  Please mail your contract promptly. Doors will open from 8:00am to 8:45am for vendors only.  Vendors must have everything at their tables by 8:45am.  Vendors not in by 8:45am lose all rights to their tables(s) with no refunds!  Doors open to the public at 9:00am.

2. Cancellation of vendor’s tables may be done up to five days prior to the show date.  A full refund will be made only upon receiving all passes and paperwork by NNL West on or before that date.  Refund checks will be mailed within 2 weeks after the event.

3. Each VENDOR will be provided with two vendor passes included free.  Additional vendor passes may be purchased for $20.00 each.  Payment for all extra passes must be sent with payment of the contract.  Passes purchased on the day of the event will be $25.00.  No one will be allowed behind vendor’s tables without proper vendor’s passes.

4. The show lasts until 4pm, but we have to have the hall cleared and the tables packed up by 5 pm, so vendors can start packing up anytime after 3:30 pm.  Vendor’s who have completely sold out may leave before 3:30pm, but they MUST first notify the NNL West. staff.

5. There shall be no stacking or attaching of items to any wall or pillars.  Items may be stacked on, under, or behind the table, in a safe manner.  However, items should not extend in front of tables.  There will be a 2 or 3 foot area behind your table.  If you are near a fire extinguisher you must leave a clear path in front of the extinguisher.

6. Sound systems will be permitted, but they must not be played loud enough to disrupt other vendor’s or buyers.  Please keep your music and/or video playbacks to a minimum level.

7. The Santa Clara Convention Center and NNL West staff will not supply change for vendors.  It is the responsibility of the vendors to provide their own change for the event.

8. The vendor is responsible for any damages caused by them and their workers/ Vendor agrees to pay full payment for any repairs.

9. NNL West reserves all rights to advertise and promote this show in any way it deems necessary.  By signing this contract, the vendor agrees to allow any photographing or audio tapings of them or their materials at the show.  NNL West needs no other agreement, written or verbal, to allow the use of such photographs, video, or audiotape of the show.

10. While sale of radio control models are permitted, demonstrations of said models are prohibited inside the Santa Clara Convention Center.


12. All vendors must supply vendor’s permit numbers to NNL WEST prior to the event.  Vendors not supplying permit numbers will not be allowed to sell on the day of the event, and will not be refunded their table fees. Responsibility for providing a vendor’s permit to NNL West before the event is up to the vendor.

13. The signing of this contract signifies an agreement that the vendor has read and agrees completely to all the rules stated within the contract.  This also means that the staff of the NNL West, and/or the Santa Clara Convention Center will not be held responsible for theft, loss, damage, or injury in any way.  The vendor agrees to by all laws of the state, county, and city.  All taxes are the responsibility of each vendorhttp://www. has all the necessary information and forms (

14. Parking lot sales are not permitted nor are any sales amongst vendors prior to 9:00am! Sales of aerosol cans are not permitted period!

The original copy of this contract MUST BE SIGNED, FILLED OUT IN FULL, and returned to NNL West at the address below.  Table preferences are first come, first serve.

Name:________________________________Phone no: (____) _____-______________


City___________________________________State_______________Zip Code______

Make checks or money orders payable to: NNL West / Send to: NNL West, P.O. Box 110691, Campbell, CA 95011-0691

TABLE RATES: $60.00 x ____= $____ EXTRA VENDORS: $20.00 x ___=$___ Total=

Vendor’s Signature :______________________________________(MUST BE SIGNED!), Vendor’s Permit no :________________________Date:__________(MUST HAVE!)