WHAT'S NEW FOR 2018!!!

The "What's New" page is going to be the place where you can get caught up on all the latest news and information about this year's show. Over the coming months we will be updating this page with all the breaking news and changes. So book mark this page, and come back often. We'll keep you up to date on this year's show!

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Wagons & Wings!

(Any style station wagon, or cars with any kind of wing)

The CCF Wildfire Relief Fund 

Fires ravaging the state of California have destroyed 1,000s of homes and have taken the lifes of loved ones. The NNL West committee has decided that this year's fund raising will go to the CCF Wildfire Relief Fund to help people who have been effected by these fires.

100% of the raffle prize money will go to this charity!

Al Cummins Memorial Award Annouced

The NNL West committe was sadden to hear that Al Cummins, a long time supporter of NNL West has passed away. NNL West and the hobby has lost a good friend. NNL committe member Rex Barden said, "The NNL committee decided to have a memorial award for Al Cummins, since Al has been a huge circle track fan all his life, we will have an award for Best Circle Track. We can't go overboard as the NNL is supposed to be "non competitive" event. As more of us older modelers pass on, we don't want to turn the NNL into a memorial show, but Randy Vandraiss and Al Cummins were special."


NNL West 2018 Yearbook

By Roy Sorenson in Model Car Builder

44 pages, published 5/13/2018

This yearís NNL West yearbook is a little different then previous years. I was photographing cars for Model Car magazine but it was understood that we would get to use the pictures in the yearbook as well. So there are several feature cars, and descriptions for a lot of the cars. But donít worry, I kept the popular table shots, event shots, and award ceremony. Everyone who has seen this says it is the BEST yearbook yet!